Fathers Day

Borderline Puzzle

Attractive edge matching puzzle with a choice of two designs.

The aim of the puzzle is to lay the 8 small wood cards in a square configuration such that all touching edges have a matching symbol. There are four different symbols scattered about each card, each symbol is deeply laser engraved.

The cards come in a small wooden box with flip lid, so nice and portable.

Picture solution is provided.

There are two themes to choose from: Musician or Junkfood. Each card is approx H 4.5cm x W 2.3cm x D 0.5cm. The box (lid closed) is approx H 5.5cm x W 6.8cm x D 3.5cm.

Level 4 – difficult

Levels run from 1 (easy) to 5 (very difficult)

This is not a toy