Fathers Day

Alpha Snake Puzzle

You'll need to forget the alphabet to do this letter puzzle!

The aim is to rotate the blocks such that the letters A through G (or A to I on the 9 block version) show up on each side of the snake, with no letter to be duplicated.

The snake stays in one piece with each block able to rotate individually around a strong nylon cord, the letters are deeply laser engraved into the wood. Nice and compact so you can easily take it with you and have a go whenever you've got a spare minute, no batteries required!

Great gift for anyone who enjoys word games/puzzles.

Written solution is provided.

There are two models of this puzzle:

The seven-block version - moderate level 3 puzzle

The nine-block model - very difficult level 5 puzzle

Levels run from 1 (easy) to 5 (very difficult)

Seven-block snake is approx 10cm in length, the nine-block snake is approx 14cm in length

This is not a toy