Word Wheel Scrabble

Word Wheel Scrabble

Elements of Scrabble , Word Search and Crossword puzzles are combined into this fun, entertaining, and educational  puzzle. There are 33 challenges to try and solve. Solutions are provided.

Puzzle is made of four wheels with 7 letters rotating on a common shaft.

Perfect for anyone who enjoys scrabble, word-search or the word-based games in newspapers.


1) Identify the 7 letter word on each individual wheel. You have 4 words to find, 1 on each wheel

For the next challenges you will be concerned with only the columns of 4 letters. Read the letters from outer wheel to inner wheel and try to find words.

2) Align the wheels such that exactly two four-letter words appear in the columns at the same time. There are 20 such pairs of words to find. For example: LOST and LINE will appear with at the same time with the appropriate orientation of the wheels.

3) Align the wheels such that exactly 3 four-letter words appear at the same time.   5 solutions.

4) Align the wheels such that exactly 4 four-letter words appear at the same time. 2 solutions.

5) Align the wheels such that there are 5 four-letter words appearing at the same time. 1 solution

6) Align the wheels such that all 7 columns contain a word at the same time! There is only one solution.

A handcrafted wooden puzzle from Creative Crafthouse,

Measures 4.1" diameter so that it fits the palm of the hand nicely as you attempt to solve. The wheels are precision laser cut and etched and sturdily mounted on a strong center core. High quality construction with the 1/4" thick base either alder or cherry and alternating wheels from 1/8" thick maple and alder.