Swords Of Truth Wooden Puzzle

Perform magic with maths and amaze friends and family with this great little puzzle trick.

Each sword has six different numbers on it surrounded by either a circle or square, a participant selects a sword and picks one of the numbers from it at random (keeping the number secret). They then read out the shapes on the sword surrounding each number but they must lie about the shape surrounding their chosen number, from that information alone you will quickly be able to correctly identify their chosen number!

The maths involved is not difficult, we don’t want to give away the secret behind the trick but as a hint it involves binary maths. The puzzle comes with information about the maths involved making it both a fun and educational gift.

Ages 12 and up could do this trick, great for maths teachers also as it demonstrates binary maths in a fun way.

The swords come strung together but can be easily separated. 

Each sword is about 14cm long

This is not a toy