S.T.E.M Puzzles

Train your brain in four key developmental areas by solving fun puzzles related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics. 

Choose from: 

Technology (Robot Transformer) - Convert the cube into a Robot, then figure out how to turn him back into a cube!

Engineering (Ball Bearing Test) - Can you work out how to make the ball bearings sit at opposite ends of the puzzle?

Mathematics (Number Challenge) - Can you make every row add up to 10? Arrange the numbers so every horizontal and vertical and the two corner to corner diagonal rows equal 10.

Science (Anti-Gravity Puzzle) - Break the Force of Nature! Place the rocket inside the cup, place on a flat surface, can you work out how to remove the rocket without moving or touching the cup?

Save 20% if you buy all four, choose the Full Set (four puzzles) option.

Solutions are included with each puzzle