Clubhouse Golf Game

Clubhouse golf tabletop game for any number of player’s.

To play all you need aside from this board is some coins from your pocket, 1 coin for the ball and 5 coins to throw. Players start at the “Tee” positions, there are Par 3, Par 4 and Par 5 holes. Simply select a club (driver or iron shot) and throw the coins to determine how to move the ball. Different rules apply when you’re on the green or stuck in the sand trap! Each coin throw counts as a stroke, lowest score at the end is the winner!

A fun game ideal to play at family gatherings, after Christmas entertainment etc.

High quality – the board is deeply laser engraved, no paint or ink is used – so it will last a long time.

(Coins not included!)

Made from alder wood, measures approx H 11cm x W 30.5cm x D 0.5cm